Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.05.18 PMWelcome to Pét-Nat Week!

Here at Vine Wine we love bubbles, from the darkest, driest Lambruscos to the most elegant blanc de blancs. We especially love sparking wines that really showcase the grapes they’re made from, which is why we started celebrating Pét-Nat Week back in 2012. This year, from July 11-17, we have a slate of special tastings at Vine and around the city with our fantastic partners in effervescence, Dandelion Wine, Discovery Wines, Frankly Wines, Copake Wine Works, Slope Cellars and Eastside Cellars.

First though, you may be wondering, what IS Pét-Nat?

It’s short for pétillant naturel, a method of producing sparkling wine that really highlights the innate qualities of the grapes. In say, a sparkler like Champagne, the grapes are fermented, then yeast or sugar is added back into that juice (that’s dosage, if you’re feeling fancy) which undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

With pétillant naturel, which is also called méthode ancestrale, fitting because it is a very old, very traditional, assuredly low-tech way of producing bubbles, the wine is bottled during the first fermentation, leaving some natural sugars and yeasts and CO2 to hang out together and get bubbly in the bottle.

Pét-Nats are made using all kinds of grapes, all over the world. We love their glorious variation and their ecstatic unpredictability. These wines are never the same, year to year, so getting in a new vintage is like Christmas morning for us. Come taste as many as you can this week!